1. Treat other members, guests, staff of venues and other patrons (where a club function is being held) fairly, equally and with respect and courtesy.
  2. Behave legally, responsibly and conduct themselves in a manner which will not harm, cause embarrassment or injure the reputation of BMW Car Club Singapore (BCCS), its events, organizers, participants or sponsors. Irresponsible and/or illegal behavior includes reckless driving, driving while under the influence, and inappropriate behavior
  3. Only publicise videos, pictures, calendars and other media that are tasteful and uphold the integrity and dignity of BCCS membership, determined by the Administrators of BCCS.
  4. Not physically or verbally harass others.
  5. Report any inappropriate behaviour of a member to the Administrators of BCCS for action and follow up.
  6. Abide by and uphold the By-Laws of BCCS.
  7. Pay any fees in relation to an event, or offering (e.g. tickets, memberships, event fees) which that member has committed to, regardless of whether the member attends the event or not.
  8. Notify the Administrators of any changes to address or other information.
  9. Not use their membership privileges to purchase tickets to any event or other offering, at a membership price, for non-members of BCCS (except for parties entitled to such prices as nominated from time to time).
  10. If on selling a ticket to an event which the member has booked on to and paid membership rates, if the ticket is sold to a non-member, the non-member price must be paid for by the recipient of the ticket and then the difference forwarded to BCCS.